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" When in a relationship, it’s not about the labels or becoming official. It’s about getting to know someone well enough to develop genuine feelings for them. It’s about being understanding and forgiving when situations are at their worst. It’s about loving someone, not for what they have to offer but who they are. It’s never about blaming your significant other for not treating you like how you want to be treated, it’s about how hard they try to keep you around. "

02 August 2011

Surat Untuk Mu

To you,

Honestly i'm so sorry, i should have understand your current situation. Should i give you space to concentrate on your projects and your studies. I'm the one who promise you to understand you, but then today i have break those trust you've gave me ;'( Maybe i am not the perfect one but i promise you that i will be the one who draw your smile everyday, the one who will guide you to right path. Insya-Allah.
                                                                            From me :')


nur fatihatuz zahra said...

sabar ye . :)

rafiq zain said...

:) terima kaseh zahra.

akoo pae said...

ko kene paham, budak aed mmg sntiase sibuk.