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" When in a relationship, it’s not about the labels or becoming official. It’s about getting to know someone well enough to develop genuine feelings for them. It’s about being understanding and forgiving when situations are at their worst. It’s about loving someone, not for what they have to offer but who they are. It’s never about blaming your significant other for not treating you like how you want to be treated, it’s about how hard they try to keep you around. "

05 September 2010

out to midvalley.

sampai kul 11.30am. beli tiket cite PIRANHA.
Piranha sucks.ending xbest.cite pendek.sejam je.

aku kuarr je wayang.aku beli tiket cite VAMPIRE SUCKS plak.
lawak kot.bongok2 je cite uh. :D gelak2 sakan aku.

jalan2 usha buku. baju. dan laen2.

off to uia pj.

1 comment:

iEka said...

haha..vampire sucks mmg terBAekk arr
sengal je cite tuh!